Internet monitoring of parliament activities

The first aim of this project is to stipulate the activity of internet users to make it permanent, task oriented, effective and growing.

The second aim is to create community of Internet users interested in political affairs and organize their effective work.

The third aim is to consolidate institutes of civil society by improving their communicational instruments.

All the aims mentioned above should work to fulfill our general long-term mission: generation of the social political activity net, which is able for further independent development. Being new horizontal structure of civil society in Russia this net can practically stipulate development of democratic fundamentals in our country and improve specified influence of civil society structures on governmental policy.


Project assumes support of 2 communication flows:

  1. Information from federal center to regional correspondents concerning deputies of State Duma and Federal Assembly activities. This information comprises data about prepared draft laws; assessment of the most important draft laws by experts, occupying different positions; information about debates and draft law passing through different stages of legislative process; data about roll call; generalized indicators, characterizing voting of deputies, factions and groups; regular analytical surveys about work of Federal Assembly chambers. The first part of this flow (information about draft laws, its content, views and comments of deputies and experts) will be shaped in close cooperation with partners invited to realize the project. Specifically just now cooperation agreement was concluded with the Human rights Institute, Center for democracy and human rights development and organization “Memorial”, issuing NGO ballot, “Legislative process in State Duma of the Russian Federation”. The abovementioned agreement contemplates uniting human and informational resources, correspondent nets and excludes duplication of activities during realization of these projects. The second part of the flow will be based on the INDEM foundation’s developments in voting analyses and sustained by day-to-day activities of the Foundation in gathering and statistic analyzing of data about State Duma voting.
  2. Information about viewpoints of project members in regions (individual and common) regarding problems and draft laws, discussed in Federal Assembly chambers. These viewpoints will be developed through discussions on project internet site as well as through debates organized by project members on the spot.

Creation of these two information flows stipulates three types of performing tasks: technical, informational-analytical and organizational. They are numbered hereinafter in this consequence:

Technical tasks of the project:

  1. Creation project site. The site structure corresponds 2 information flows mentioned above and quickly responds to current problematic of draft laws to be discussed;
  2. The creation of database, which reflects on Internet web-site (on the basis of technologies invented by INDEM) results of voting in State Duma and Federal Assembly, passing draft laws in Federal Assembly; political separations between deputies, factions and groups;
  3. Organizing internet site discussions of key problems standing among chambers of General Assembly on the basis of information about most important draft laws and their expert evaluations;
  4. Database creation of record reflecting in the Internet information about activities of deputies of State Duma and Soviet of the Federation in their own districts.

Informational-analytical tasks of the project:

  1. Support and development of databases, containing information about roll call in Federal Assembly chambers;
  2. Tuning constant procedure of analyzing Federal Assembly representatives voting behavior;
  3. Providing issuing of regular analytical materials regarding activities of Federal Assembly chambers.

Organizational tasks of the project.

  1. Organizing of systematic reception for necessary information from Federal Assembly chambers (according the agreement on cooperation between State Duma and the INDEM Foundation for the convenience of the project)
  2. Developing of furcated and effective correspondents net for public control of deputies in State Duma and Soviet of the Federation activities
  3. Establishing permanent cooperation with public organizations and mass-media to increase efficiency of the project
  4. Involving deputies corps in project sphere of influence