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This is a brief version of the report that is the outcome of sociological research into corruption in the Kyrgyz Republic initiated by the Bishkek Centre of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in coordination with the Office of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic.

On June 14, 2011 the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation published a report prepared by a Moscow-based think-tank, the INDEM Foundation, titled “Condition of the everyday corruption in the Russian Federation”. This report focuses on the assessment of petty bribery and the efficiency of government anti-bribery measures. This report based on ongoing research, including a 2010 study commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russian Federation. This research included a large-scale public survey of 17,500 respondents in 70 Russian regions. The study’s methodology was designed and data analysis was carried out by INDEM Foundation including Georgy Satarov, Urii Blagovezhensky, Igor Vinukov, Vladimir Rimskiy, Sergei Parhomenko. The field work was conducted by the Public Opinion Foundation. You may see Press-release

Everyday Corruption in Russia: 2010

Police Station Visitors Week 2006

This unique global event --the Police Station Visitors Week-- was organized by Altus to assess the quality of service delivered in the participating police departments, to identify some of the best practices in use by police, and to strengthen the accountability of police to the local citizens whom they serve. The PSVW is to become an annual event.

Diagnostics of corruption in Russia: 2001-2005

In 2005 INDEM will publish the results of the comparative study Diagnostics of the Corruption in Russia: 2001-2005. You may see the preliminary report

Democratic Russia against dictatorship

President of the INDEM Foundation G.Satarov, Director of the Moscow Helsinki group L. Alekseeva and famous chess player G.Kasparov were elected as Chairs of the Oversight committee of the Russian Civil Congress “Democratic Russia against dictatorship”. Committee oversees implementation of legislation enacted by the Russian Civil Congress

Altus promotes safety and justice

INDEM is a co-founder of the Altus Global Alliance – a non-governmental organization that promotes safety and justice from a multicultural perspective, encouraging comparative analysis across countries and a larger role for civil society in advancing justice.

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