Project “Information science for democracy 2000+” (2004)

The purpose of this project is the formation of new information and communication structure of civil society in Russia by involving volunteers, NGO and mass media in internet-monitoring of elections.


The public internet-monitoring of general elections in Russia in 1999-2000 is aimed at solving the following problems:

  1. Consolidation and education of civil society structures amid securing of transparency of information about election campaign and forming of negative stance on dirty electoral tricks.
  2. Creation of Web page with electronic data-base about the process and results of internet-monitoring.
  3. Enabling direct participation in internet-monitoring using formalized procedures.
  4. Engaging voters (including the would-be ones) with high, but unrealized potential, in internet-monitoring.
  5. Formation of efficient correspondent network of public monitoring of elections on the basis of selected and educated volunteers.
  6. Drawing of attention of society, mass media and authorities to violations of election legislation, detected during internet-monitoring.
  7. Consolidation of civil, social and humanitarian components when using the potential of new information and communication technologies.


The basis of this project is creation of correspondent network of volunteers – internet-users and so called “social brigades”, which will collect information about election campaigns. We expect from our correspondents the following:

-information about the course of election campaigns;

-reports of violations during election campaigns;

-samples of agitation and other election materials;

-reports of election courses and results.

After verification, processing and generalization of this information, it will be delivered to:

-other correspondents for usage and distribution;

-editorial offices of mass media;

-the authorities for taking actions provided by the law (if necessary).

The volunteers becoming our correspondents will be educated and drilled not only as participants of electronic interaction, but also as public observers. In the course of education of volunteers and during basic actions there will be teleconferences in internet, as well as discussions of electoral programs. The results of surveys and forecasts of elections will be distributed there. All partners within this project at their request will receive results of the voting in State Duma of Russian Federation and analysis of political stances of deputies, prepared by the INDEM Foundation on the basis of this data. They will also have access to the periodicals, edited by the INDEM Foundation – “Partinform” (weekly about party life) and “Russian monitor. Record of modern politics”. Our partners will get acquainted with opinions of politicians and political analysts, as well as analytic materials and media publications.

The volunteers’ network is formed on the basis of existing networks and structures of civil society: regional organizations of The Union of Journalists of Russia, internet-centers of The Open Society institute, as well as other non-profit organizations and above all, human rights organizations. This project plays an important part to independent enthusiasts. Thanks to this project politically active people will be able to participate in great deal. Internet-users, but more so politically passive people will have a chance to find citizenship.