“Party archive”

For more than 10 years INDEM has been sustaining original data-base “Partarhive” (chief editor – Y.Korguniuk), which contains constantly refreshable information about political parties, movements, electoral associations, parliamentary groups, non-profit organizations, state bodies and more or less popular Russian politicians.

The Data-base comprises not only generalized bulletins, but authentic primary sources: policy and statutory documents of political parties, declarations, resolutions and decrees of their leadership, resolutions of congresses and conferences, documents concerned with activity of regional organizations, interviews, articles, speeches and reports of political figures etc.

Data-base “PartArhive” is not only an inquiry and a communication system for practicing politicians and political institutes (governing authorities, leadership of parties and movements), but is also the instrument of deep analysis relative to functioning and development of Russian political system.

The source of special pride of INDEM is an access to data-base “PartArhive” through web-site of the foundation (www.partinform.ru/pa98/) provided by M.Zakhvatkin. Meanwhile the end user of Internet does not require special software. For requesting and receiving answers it uses standard programs Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape Navigator 3.0 and more advanced ones.

Search for information

The queries can be divided into the following groups:

-By person – queries by specific person. Interface makes it possible to find materials about political figure even though his family is unknown but you know something else about him. After choosing the family from a list, received as a result of preceding query, or entering it directly, the procedure of selection of materials is initiated. First of all the user can see the headlines of selected articles. In turn from the headline you can pass to the article. You will also have access to the photos of many politicians.

-By institution – search of materials related to specific organization or government body. The name of organization can be chosen from the list, received as a result of preceding query, or entered directly. After choosing materials, as in the above query, the user receives headlines of articles, and then he can request the text of the necessary article.

-By region – search of materials by specific region.

-By political orientation – materials are selected by political orientation: democrats, centrists, left radicals, national-patriots etc.

In every querying it is possible to specify time interval and to use context search. In this case you will receive materials including only articles and events from this period and containing chosen fragment. Data-base is refreshed twice a week.