On Feb 15, 2023 Today is one year old, Yury Nikolaevich Blagoveschensky has not been with us, who has preserved to the last days the talent and bright head of a unique mathematician, spiritual purity and light emanating from him. It's hard to accept, and we'll never forget him.

On June 14, 2011 the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation published a report prepared by a Moscow-based think-tank, the INDEM Foundation, titled “Condition of the everyday corruption in the Russian Federation”. This report focuses on the assessment of petty bribery and the efficiency of government anti-bribery measures. This report based on ongoing research, including a 2010 study commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russian Federation. This research included a large-scale public survey of 17,500 respondents in 70 Russian regions. The study’s methodology was designed and data analysis was carried out by INDEM Foundation including Georgy Satarov, Urii Blagovezhensky, Igor Vinukov, Vladimir Rimskiy, Sergei Parhomenko. The field work was conducted by the Public Opinion Foundation. You may see Press-release

May 21, Is poverty not a Crime?, By Nikolai Popov, the text of the article in the English translation of "Vestnik Rossiiskoi Akademii nauk" - "Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences"

Nov 12-14 2008 in New York, USA, the Indem Foundation with the financial support of Ford Foundation has successfully held the first in a series of seminars on transformation of judicial systems in transition countries, which has been organized within the framework of the Project "Judicial reform in modern Russia - institutional-societal analysis of Transformation, Assessment of Results and Future Perspectives". The participants of the seminar were Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Bulgaria, Poland and Chile. More information will be available on our website soon.

On the 26th, February a member of an International Jury, Alhaji M.L. Sule visited Chuvash Republic with the aim of validation of Kanashskii GOVD, the regional winner of the North Europe region at Police Visitors Week 2006.

Feb 23 2007 INDEM started the project "Judicial Reform in Russia - Institutional-Societal Analysis of Transformation: Assessment of Results and Future Perspectives"

In April 2006 INDEM published a Report on the new Russian NGO legislation which goes into effect on April 17, 2006

On December 12th 2005 , President of INDEM Foundation Georgy Satarov participated in the All-Russia Civil Congress "Democratic Russia Against Dictatorship." The congress adopted the following resolutions:
· Protection of civil society in Russia in light of the new restrictive law on NGOs;
· Civil Society’s involvement in parliamentary elections in 2007 and presidential elections in 2008;
· On the threat of nationalism and fascism in Russia;
· Creation of a public broadcaster independent of government control.

Nov 18 The Mirror of Russian Corruption: Are We Foreigners In It? – A Review of INDEM’s Research on Corruption in Russia By Cheryl Ann Sigsbee & Victor Konovalenko, in «Russia – The New Klondike?», Nordea Bank, 2005 S.-Peterburg, Nov, 2005

Nov 01 TO GIVE AND TAKE. Corruption in Russia is ineradicable, just as winter frost and the lack of good roads. By Nikolai Popov,, October, 2005

On the 19-21 of October 2005 INDEM took part in the international conference on “Police accountability and the quality of oversight: global trends and local contexts” More...

Sep 28, 2005 INDEM started the project “Business and Corruption 2005” devoted to the problems of access to commercial and industrial premises. The goals are to provide detailed analysis of the situation and to develop instruments for opposing corruption. Project period: September 2005 – August 2006. Project regions: Moscow, Perm & Smolensk. BizCorru2005

Aug 13, 2005 According to The New York Times, the INDEM Foundation “has conducted the most extensive efforts to measure bribery” in Russia. The report estimated that Russians paid more than $3 billion in bribes annually and that businesses paid $316 billion- nearly 10 times the estimate of its first survey just four years ago. More…

Jul 20, 2005 G. Satarov held a press-conference where he presented the results of the latest INDEM’s research on Corruption in Russia, called “Diagnostics of corruption in Russia: 2001-2005” More…

Aprl 20, 2005, INDEM held a conference: What is Going to Happen to Russia--Political Scenarios Through 2008. You can download here(in Russian) Mr. Satarov's plenary report, full conference minutes and Project results.

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