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Police Station Visitors Week 2006

INDEM is a founding member of Altus Global Alliance

In April 2004, six established NGOs and academic centers joined together to form a unique alliance called Altus.

With members spanning five continents, Altus promotes safety and justice from a multicultural perspective, encouraging comparative analysis across countries and a larger role for civil society in advancing justice.

Drawing on the knowledge and resources of the entire alliance, Altus members help public officials in their regions identify and develop empirically tested models of respectful policing, quality legal services for the poor, victim services and other practices and policies that fit local needs.

Altus places special emphasis on police accountability and the quality of police oversight, serving as a source of knowledge and innovation for governments, police leaders, human rights activists, legislators, journalists and citizens around the world, concerned about the effective and fair control of policing.


_To work across continents and from a multicultural perspective to improve public safety and justice;

_To generate a new body of comparative knowledge about safety and justice as well as cross-cultural research methods and tools;

_To work with governments to study social problems and explore new ways of delivering justice;

_To provide an efficient platform to connect reformers around the world and make progress on issues of global importance related to the criminal justice system;

_To gather and disseminate information, knowledge and experiences regarding criminal justice systems around the world.


Center for Studies on Public Safety Santiago, Chile

CESC aims to contribute to the promotion and design of democratic public policies through empirical research, courses and publications. CESC focuses on understanding the social factors that impact criminality and on policies that seek to reduce it.

Center for Studies on Public Security and Citizenship Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

CESeC works through applied research, consultancy, courses and events in the area of public security, justice and citizenship. Its commitment is to help modernize the Brazilian criminal justice system as a means of strengthening democracy in the country.

CLEEN Foundation Lagos, Nigeria

CLEEN Foundation is an NGO that promotes public safety, security and justice through empirical research, legislative advocacy, demonstration programs and publications in partnership with government and civil society.

Institute for Development and Communication Chandigarh, India

IDC researches and provides training on issues of governance, peace and human rights in particular gender and minority rights. Its multicultural perspective is reflected in its methodology, tools and strategy. IDC also supports government efforts to institutionalize and anchor the delivery of justice.

INDEM Foundation Moscow, Russia

INDEM conducts projects which ensure the development of democratic institutions in Russia. INDEM also analyzes Russia's key problems (particularly corruption and justice issues), implements new research methodology, and consults with government and regional NGOs.

Vera Institute of Justice New York, United States of America

Vera works closely with leaders in government and civil society to improve and develop innovative and affordable programs that often grow into self-sustaining organizations, studies social problems and current responses, and provides practical advice and assistance to government officials to ensure safety and justice.

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