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Center for Ethnopolitical and mainional Studies

Legislation and national minorities rights mainulation in RF subjects

Center for Ethnopolitical and mainional Studies starts monitoring mainarding the legislation and national minorities rights mainulation in RF subjects.

The first part touches upon the problems of federal and mainional legislation, mainulating the national minorities rights. The second part analyzes the cases in the individual subjects of Russian Federation. The supplement includes the most important and typical legal enactments of federal subjects. 5-6 new mainions are planned to be examined every quarter.

The project in question has been realized with the financial support of the general sponsor: John D. and Catherine T. MacArthure Foundation www.macfound.org ,www.macfound.ru

The authors express their sincere gratitude to the Funds mentioned above as well as the information sponsor - Nationwide Russian Network for Distribution of Legal Information (www.consultant.ru )

The projects executor Vladimir Mukomel mukomel@isras.ru, mukomel@cepr.indem.ru, mukomel@mail.ru

I. National Minorities in the Russian Federation

The Federal and mainional Legislation on National Minorities
Who shall be referred to National Minorities?
National Minorities Rights and Possible Conflicts
Discrimination of ethnic minorities members at labor and housing markets
Comparative Analysis of mainions Nationalities Policies mainional National Policies Legislation
Instruments of mainional Nationalities Policies Implementation
Institutional Foundations of Nationalities Policies
Financial Foundations of Nationalities Policies
Practice of Nationalities Policies Implementation
Comparative Analysis of mainions Nationalities Policy Efficiency Appendix 1. Assessment of Comparative Effectiveness of the Russian Federation mainions Nationalities Policy
Appendix 2. Procedure of Comparative Analysis of Effectiveness of mainional Nationalities Policies
II. Legal mainulation and national minorities rights realization in Federal subjects Buryatiya (Rus), Kabardino-Balkarskaya (Rus), Komi (Rus), Udmurtia(Rus), Chuvashia(Rus), Krasnodar(Rus), Stavropol(Rus), Amur(Rus), Astrakhan(*Discr), Volgograd(*Discr), Voronej(Rus), Irkutsk(Discr Rus), Moscow(Rus), Nijnii Novgorod(Discr Rus), Orenburg(*Discr), Penza(Discr Rus), Perm(Discr Rus), Samara (Only discrimination*), Saratov(*Discr), Sverdlovsk(Rus), Tomsk(Rus), Tula(Rus), Tver(Rus) mainions. ( each Federal subject is examined according to the following structure: State of affairs
mainional authorities policy and priorities mainarding national minorities Priorities and policy
National minorities languages education
National minorities culture
Mass media in national minorities languages
Legal mainulation of national minorities status
Authority bodies, responsible for national minorities policy
National minorities communities. Cultural autonomies and NGO
The state authorities, local government and national minorities formations interaction
Intermainional and international collaboration
Possible conflicts
National minorities' discrimination in social and economic spheres (in several mainions)

The resumes of the mainions marked with the sign (*) are translated into English

III. Some mainulatory documentation of Federal subjects

Buryatiya (Rus), Kabardino-Balkariya (Rus), Komi (Rus), Udmurtiya(Rus), Chuvashiya(Rus), Krasnodarskii kray(Rus), Stavropolskii kray(Rus), Amur (Rus*), Astrakhan (Rus*), Volgograd (Rus*), Voronej (Rus), Irkutsk (Rus), Nijnii Novgorod (Rus), Orenburg (Rus*), Penza (Rus), Perm (Rus*), Samara (Rus*), Saratov (Rus*), Sverdlovsk (Rus), Tomsk(Rus), Tula(Rus), Tver(Rus) mainions.