Volgograd region

Interregional and international collaboration

According to the Law “On agreements (treaties) of Volgograd region” of 14.09.2001 N590-OD, the regional agreements (treaties) are components of its legal structure.

If an agreement (treaty) of Volgograd region determines different norms than Volgograd region legal acts, the norms of an agreement (treaty) should be used (ar.1, p.2, 3). For all this agreements (treaties) of Volgograd region, determining different norms, not envisaged by the regional legal acts and concerning human and civilian rights and freedoms defense are to be approved by the Regional Duma (ar.8).

There are no data of making the agreements or treaties, regarding national minorities’ representatives in Volgograd region after the Law was passed. At the same time, before adopting the Law mentioned above, the Agreements on economic, scientific and cultural collaboration were made with Byelorussia, two Uzbek regions, two Kazakh regions and Astrakhan region.

From 4 until 10 September 2002, the Second Forum of Euroasian peoples takes place in Volgograd region. One of its objectives is determining the tolerant consciousness, preventing ethnic and political extremism as grounds of interethnic harmony. The state authority bodies should scrutinize the possibilities of introducing the new subject “Ethnic and social history of Volgograd region” in educational curricula, the system of grants for the most considerable projects, offered by the public organizations. The Coordinating Council on cherishing the regional natural and cultural heritage appears to be set up, being subjected to the Administration Head.

The youth and students’ organizations of Volgograd region come out with incentive to create the Coordinating Council of Southern district youth organization named “The Youth of the Caucasus ” (http://www.dagpravda.ru/pol/molodeg2912.htm). It covered 18 regional organizations. The main targets of the movement are stabilization in the region, strengthening the peace and friendship between the peoples of the Caucasus.