Volgograd region

The state authorities, local government

and national minorities formations interaction

According to the Law “On ethnic relations in Volgograd region” of 13.09.2001 N586 – OD the following possibilities are envisaged:

However, the Consultative Body in question has not set up yet and there is no information of making the agreement mentioned above.

In April 2002, the interdepartmental commission was established to realize the state ethnic policy conception. The commission is a coordinating body, established to examine the ethnic relations development problems as well as to improve the efficiency of Volgograd regional state authorities’ activity, federal authority bodies, local government and to ensure the unified regulations practice in the region. The commission staff includes departments and local government representatives.

In October 2000, the regular commission on religious formations’ problems was created. In December2001, the Nationalities and Cossack Committee carried out the first sitting of the Consultative Council on the Cossack formations and establishment of the civil and other service. The development of the regional target program “Ethnic -social development of Volgograd region population for 2002-2005” was solved.

The Coordinating Council on cherishing the natural and cultural heritage in Volgograd region, subjected to the Administration Head, is likely to be set up. (http://www.hartiya.ru/news/01/12/17/43376.html)

The problems of law- enforcement bodies and their interaction with ethnic public formations in order to counteract ethnic and political extremism were in the focus of attention at the sitting of the Committee, held at the end of March 2002 in Volgograd region. The problems of information exchange between legal order structures and ethnic formations were also discussed.