Volgograd region

National minorities’ formations. Cultural autonomies and NGO

In the region, 44 national public formations (including the Cossack and Russian) were officially registered. Among them are 8 national and cultural autonomies, including Regional National Cultural Tatar autonomy of Volgograd City and region, Regional national- cultural German autonomy of Volgograd region, regional National- cultural Cossack autonomy (http://www.volganet.ru/upr/national.htm).

The most active is the German community. Beside Regional national- cultural German autonomy, the following formations were registered: National – cultural German autonomies of Volgograd city and town of Kamyshin, Public formation of Germans in Kamyshin, Pallasovka German cultural center, Kamyshin German cultural center, the Volga region German Union (VRGU) “Heimat” (“Motherland”), Volgograd Regional Public organization “Russian – German House of Culture and Education “Harmony”, Kamyshin district public organization – German cultural center “Volga Deutche”.

Tatar community numbers more than 30 thousand persons. The Regional National- cultural Tatar autonomy was registered in Volgograd region. Thanks to its activity and with support of the Committee on Education, the question of the Tatar language teaching in Tatar compact residence, including some schools in Volgograd and Volzhsky was positively solved. In the region there is Volgograd regional public organization “Kazakhstan.” In town of Pallasovka there is a club “Samal,” working in the Leisure center (http://www.arba.ru/comment/2/articles/2001288-1.html).

The Transcaucasian representatives are quite active. The Azerbaijan diaspora has created Volgograd City public organizations “Azerbaijan community” and “Azerbaijan,” the society “Vatan” in town of Kamyshin.

The Armenian diaspora has registered Volgograd regional public organizations “Kilikia”, “Armenian diaspora”, Volzhsky town public organization “Armenian community “Urartu”.

The Georgian community has created Volgograd City public organization “Georgian community “Iveria”

The Chechen diaspora is united by the Volgograd regional society “Bart”(“Accord”).

The Daghestan diaspora has created the Public organization “Daghestan community of Volgograd region” and Volgograd regional public organization “Daghestan”.

According to the census of 1989, the number of Gypsies does not exceed 5 thousand persons (0,2% population). However, the Gypsy community has organized several national- cultural formations: Volgograd City public organizations “Gypsy association”, “Roma”, national- cultural Gypsy autonomy “Roma” in city of Volgograd.

The Kalmyk community has created Volgograd City public organization “Kalmyk Republic – Volgograd Union”.

The not numerous Jewish community has created Volgograd City public charitable organization “Jewish Community Center”.

The Tajic diaspora has registered Volgograd regional public organization “Tajic community of Volgograd region”.

Poles, residing in the region, have created the public organizations “Volgograd regional association of Polish culture “Kroplya” and “Association of Polish culture “Novaya Kroplya” in city of Volgograd

Volgograd regional public Greek organization “Argo” and Kurd cultural center “Hev- Gertn” are also registered in the region.

The following organizations should be also mentioned: Volgograd city public Islam Fund “Volgograd – Center”, Volgograd city public organization “Russian- Arabian Community”, Volgograd regional public organization “Korea”, Volgograd regional public organization “Bulgarian Friends’ Union”, Volgograd public organization “Russian – Vietnamese Community”, Volzhsky town public organization “Volga – Chinese cultural center “Unity”, Volgograd City public organization of international relations’ support, National interregional public social protection Fund.

There is information of Ukrainian, Byelorussian, Chuvash national cultural centers. (http://www.volgogradcci.ru/region/culture.htm)