Volgograd region

Regional authorities policy and priorities

National minorities’ culture. The principle of cherishing the ethnic originality of peoples, populating the region, is one of basic in Volgograd region state authority activity (Ar.4 of the Law “On cultural, art and cinematography spheres in Volgograd region” of 17.01.2001). The regional target program of cherishing culture and art within 1999, approved by Volgograd Regional Duma Resolution of 08.07.1999 N11/294, marks out the development of ethnic cultures as one of the leading factors.

However, the list of the measures, performed by the regional Administration Committee on Culture, is mainly aimed at cherishing Russian culture and Cossack traditions (p.15- 17). In the region the ten-year program of learning and applying the historic, cultural and landscape heritage, which was approved by the Administration Head Resolution of 12.10.1998 N540, is still in force. Many folk groups work in the region. The interregional festival of ethnic cultures “From the Volga to don” and regional festivals are very popular (http://www.volgogadcci.ru/region/culture.htm).

Annually in September, the international festival of ethnic cultures “Sarepta meetings” is held in Krasnoarmeysky district of Volgograd. The aim is to assist in the revival and development of ethnic cultures of the five nationalities, once having populated the German colony Sarepta: the Germans, Russians, Tatars, Kalmyks and Ukrainians. (http://volginfo.ru/mkv/2001/37/3). In 2001, the practical science conference “The role of Sarepta and the Volga region nationalities in history and culture of Russia” was held.