Volgograd region

Regional authorities policy and priorities

National minorities’ languages education. The Volgograd region Law “On education” of 21.09.1999 fixes the state policy principle of protecting and developing the regional ethnic and cultural traditions and peculiarities (p.1, ar.2).

Teaching the Tatar language is carried out in the schools of Malyaevka, Bakhtiyarovka, Malye Chapurniki villages and other areas of dense Tatar residence, including some schools in Volgograd and Volzhsky. With the assistance of the regional Administration the agreement on annual admission of Volgograd applicants to the philological faculty of Kazan University was reached. The region has the Jewish comprehensive school “Ohr Avner” (http://www.chabad.rnd.su/shma/shma_25.htm#n6)

The extra-curricular study of the Ukrainian language has been organized in Volgograd teachers’ training University (http://www.hri.ru/catalog/viewdocument/?ID=40&Action=full)

Like other Russian regions, Volgograd region has “the global education school” (there are 11 such schools in Russia). Their objective is to bring up tolerance to different views and traditions, ability to understand the peculiarities of own culture in the context of other peoples’ cultures and the world culture as a whole. (http://m-m.sotcom.ru/1/glob_ob1.htm)