Volgograd region

Regional authorities policy and priorities

The priorities and the principal policy orientations with respect to national minorities. Trying to keep under the control the interethnic case, the regional authorities have to take into account the negative moods, regarding national minorities’ representatives.

The state authority bodies seem to concentrate their attention on the three approaches:

The adoption of the regional Law “On the ethnic relationships in Volgograd region” in autumn, 2001 became a significant event. Despite some declarative character, the Law registers the legal norms, which are of great importance for national minorities’ representatives.

On the11th, March 2002, the problems on the regional mass media coverage of the process of the state ethnic policy realization in Volgograd region were being discussed at the meeting of the Committee on Nationalities and the Cossacks and the members of Volgograd region discussion club.

It was concluded to elaborate the project of the regional target program “Ethnic and social development of the regional population for 2002- 2005”. (The question on supporting the Cossack communities, being in the Civil service, is solved in Volgograd, http://www.hartiya.ru/news/01/12/17/43369.html).