Saratov region


Interregional and international collaboration


In the 90th, Saratov region Government and Administration concluded about 60 model agreements, concerning the trade and economic, scientific and technical collaboration with RF subjects executive authority bodies.

The German Government renders financial support to the ethnical Germans in Saratov region to get education. In 2000-2001 academic year at the preparatory department of Saratov University a special group of Russian Germans, finishing the secondary school was organized. After completing the 8-months preparatory course, 25 school graduates Russian Germans, chosen according to their educational level are systemically prepared for entering the University and other higher educational establishments to study at the faculty chosen. The Federative Republic of Germany pays all the expenses on the education of these young people.

Saratov State University offers The German language, History and other subjects as an addition to the common preparatory program. The FRG consul general, Karl-Albreht Wokalek, appeals to all Russian Germans, interested in it and having finished the village and district schools, to use such an opportunity.