Saratov region


Structural guiding the national minorities


The mechanisms of the regional national policy realization were detailed in Saratov region national policy Conception (1997). Then this mechanism was being laboriously created, being almost adequate to its description in the Conception.

Nowadays, the realization of the regional national policy conception as well as state- church relations in the region, the determination of the factors, exacerbating the international and interconfessional relations and preparing suggestions to achieve national consensus is entrusted to Public Relations Department, subjected to Saratov region Government. This department has the division of national policy and interaction with religious formations (sec. II, the Regulations on public relations department, subjected to Saratov region Government, app. 1 to the Saratov region Governor Resolution of 22 May 2000 N 201). The department staff is legally equal to the regional Governor staff. Thus, decisions, concerning national policy problems, are, to an even greater degree, made in the regional administration.

The Deputy Government Chairman, the regional minister of international and foreign economic relations, is responsible for an interaction with public and national formations and religious confessions.

The specific problems of national policy are included in the competence of branch ministries. The ministry of culture supports the national culture development of peoples, residing in the region, national and cultural centres and social institutions. The regional ministry of education is responsible for creating the necessary conditions for the national- Russian and Russian- national double-language development in the national educational establishments.