Saratov region

Regional authorities policy and priorities


National minorities culture. In the region, annually the national holidays are celebrated and the days, devoted to national cultures, partly financed by the regional budget, take place. In the beginning of June 2001, Tatar Sabantuy was held in Saratov ( and The organizers were National-cultural autonomy of Tatars in Russia, Saratov Tatar autonomy and Saratov Administration. (The Governor Dmitry Ayatskov, speaking before the holiday program, named himself Damir Fatykhovich). The representatives of the eight RF regions took part in the holiday. The chairperson of the World Tatar Congress and National-cultural Tatar autonomies Council Indus Taghirov headed the Tatarstan delegation. In June 2001, the days, devoted to Ukrainian culture, were conducted. On those days the inauguration of Slavonic square, the celebration of Ivan Kupala and the exhibition of the hand-made works Ukrainian Rushnichok took place.

The Eastern faculty with the department of Kazakh culture is supposed to be established in Saratov State University (