Saratov region




2.709.000 inhabitants, representing 111 nationalities, reside in Saratov region. The national structure of the region according to the census of 1989 amounts Russians -85,6%, Ukrainians - 3,8%, Kazakhs - 2,7%, Tatars - 2,0%, Mordvinians - 0,9%, Chuvashes - 0,8%, Germans - 0,6%, Jews, Daghestans, Chechens and others.

According to the officials, peoples and ethnical communities in Saratov region historically developed to live together. The particular conglomeration of the peoples, being more tolerant to each other, comparing to other Russian regions, was formed in the region (htpp:// It is opinion of R. Abdulatipov, who has become the regional representative in the Upper Chamber of the Parliament since December, 2000, that Saratov region is a convincing example in regulating the international relations (Abdulatipov R. The necessity of consecution and clearness in state policy

There is another point of view: whatever right words are told in official meetings, there is and is even strengthening national hostility to the Caucasians by birth (O.Bakutkina. Saratov broadcasts,

The ethnical self-identification of the Russians occurs by misapprehending and neglecting the foodstuff market, personifying with the Caucasian. The question: In what conditions will you vote for a representative of other nationality? was answered: By no conditions by 85% Saratov citizens. Three years ago, these data were 20% less. (S.Barzilov. Trade-ethnical minorities in social and political life of a provincial town, ).