Orenburg region


International and interregional cooperation


There is the Agreement on the collaboration between Tatarstan Republic Ministry of Education and Orenburg region Department of education, which is aimed at providing favourable conditions for revival and development of the nationalities education systems in the places where the majority of the Tatar population lives. The Orenburg region Department of Education is elaborating the regional program of the nationalities education system development in Orenburg region, taking into account the Tatarstan Republic Ministry of Education proposals regarding the problems of school, preschool and out-of-school establishments in the places of the Tatars residing.

According to the orders of Orenburg region Education Department, the Tatarstan Republic Ministry of Education issues and supply the Tatar schools with the educational programs, textbooks, training appliances to satisfy their needs (Art. 1,2 0f the Agreement). Some years ago the Culture and Art Committee of Orenburg Administration made a treaty of cultural cooperation with the Chuvash Ministry of Culture and Nationalities Affairs and Tatarstan Ministry of Culture, the validity of which was expired in 1999.

The Committee envisages the question of the extension of the validity terms and making new agreements on interethnic relations, scientific, technical and cultural cooperation between the Republic Ministries and Orenburg region appropriate departments, administrative boards, committees of the regional Administration. (The Orenburg region ethnic policy realization Program for 2001 2005, unit 7, p.1). In addition, a conclusion of bilateral treaties of cooperation and publications exchanges with the libraries of Bashkortostan, Tatarstan and Kazakhstan Republics ( the Orenburg region ethnic policy realization Program for 2001-2005, unit 7, p.5).

At the same time, the Tatar diaspora is gradually losing all dopes to be financially supported by the Tatarstan Republic (www.orb.ru/Socios/Ethnopan/etp1-2.htm#etp1-2-amelin ).