Orenburg region


The state authorities, local government

and national minorities formations interaction


The establishment of consultative bodies with the participation of national minorities representatives has become the important tool of the state authority bodies, NGO and ethnic and cultural organizations interaction. The Council of Nationalities Affairs, subjected to the Regional Administration Head and set up in the middle of the 90th, is the principal body responsible for ethnic policy problems. The Council of Nationalities Affairs is a consultative body consisting of the representatives of the regional cultural-educational societies and centers registered officially, the representatives of the Administration apparatus and the deputies of the Regional Legislative Assembly. The Council was established in order to discharge the following functions: to recommend the ways of the ethnic policy conduction; to protect the ethnic personal rights according to the legislation in force; to stop the manifestations of nationalism and chauvinism; to prevent rousing the national hatred; to conduct joint cultural-educational actions aimed at strengthening friendship between peoples in the region. (The Regulations on the Council of Nationalities Affairs subjected to the Administration Head, Appendix N1 to Orenburg region Administration Head Resolution of 01.02.1995 N66-R, unit II).

The Council is empowered to submit motions concerning ethnic problems for consideration of the Legislative Assembly, to petition for conducting the sociologic investigations on the interethnic problems, to apply for financial allocations to support its own projects as well as ethnic societies activity.

The interethnic coordination Council, subjected to the regional Administration Committee on interethnic relations, has also been set up in Orenburg region. The Council involving the outstanding scientists is engaged in scientific support of the work being carried out and takes part in the elaboration and adoption of the programs of no urgency.

In Orenburg region, there appears a coordinating system to realize the regional ethnic policy model. However, there are resources to strengthen the interaction between the executive and legislative authority bodies and local government. According to the Tatar leader I. Uzbekov, if only the elements of the system mentioned above were applied in towns and districts of the region, where they have the call, it would be of much use. (www.orb.ru/Socios/Ethnopan/etp1-1.htm#etp1-1-uzbekov).