Orenburg region


National minorities formations. Cultural autonomies and NGO


The official site of the Administration represents the data of 46 public ethnicformations, having been registered by 01.01.99, including 12 regional ones (www.orb.ru/Socios/nac_unit.htm). According to the ethnic structure, they comprise: Russian 1 (regional), Tatar 8 (one regional and 7- in towns and districts), Kazakh 15 (four regional, the rest are town and district), Bashkir 5 (including two regional), Chuvash one urban, Ukrainian 2 (including 1 regional), German 4 (including 2 regional), Jewish 5 urban, Armenian 4 (including 2 regional), Byelorussian 1 regional, Korean 1 regional and three interethnic formations (including 1 regional). Among the ethnic formations there are seven cultural autonomies (Kazakh 4 and Tatar 3).

The regional public organization (the House of Peoples Friendship) has been operating since 1995 in the region.