Orenburg region

Regional authorities policy and priorities


Mass media in national minorities’ languages. Nowadays, the interethnic editorial office broadcasts on the state TV Radio Company “Orenburg” channel. The magazine “Zemlyaki” is published monthly in the languages of peoples, residing in the region (Russian, Bashkir, Kazakh, Mordovian, Chuvash, Ukrainian, Tatar, German, Jewish, Polish, and Armenian) and includes several pages. The regional radio broadcast weekly 50- minute programs in the Tatar, Kazakh, Bashkir and Ukrainian languages. The Jewish music program “Eighteen” and the Armenian program are broadcast monthly – both in the Russian language but with numerous elements of ethnic cultures. (Ethnic and political case in Orenburg region (analyses) // Independent news service, 1.11.2001 nsn.net.ru/?id=2761&ch=5&sub=22 ).

  There is radio program “Russian Street». Its essence is “We have nothing to divide, but we have a lot to share”. There is a weekly videodigest “German wave” and monthly  “German newsreel’.

  For several years, the state TV Radio Company has been cooperating with the federal projects and special TV programs Fund (TV-Fund), which provides the best programs, created in the national studios. The radio station «Menovoy Dvor» carries out the interethnic broadcasting. Both radio and TV broadcast weekly concerts in the Tatar and Bashkir languages.

  There are newspapers of the  regional organizations: Tatar, Bashkir, German, Kazakh, Mordovian, Ukrainian and Jewish. The Tatar newspaper “Yana vakyt” (“New time”) has been published since 1992. Its circulation amounts to four thousand copies (www.orb.ru/Socios/Ethnopan/etp1-2.htm#etp1-2-amelin). Nevertheless, only 6% Tatars questioned consider that the Russian and city mass media take into account their ethnic group’s interests, 67% believe that their interests are taken partially and 7% consider their interests to be ignored. 18% responders found difficulty in replying.

  In 2002, the national minorities’ publications are assigned to an even greater degree – 390 thousand roubles comparing to 260 thousand roubles in 2001 (http://www.orb.ru/ ).