Orenburg region

Regional authorities policy and priorities


National minorities culture. Within 1998-2000, 24 regional festive occasions, festivals, days devoted to ethnic cultures with participation of creative groups from the appropriate republics, were conducted. The celebration devoted to the Tatar culture regularly take place. (www.allrussia.ru/pressreview/default.asp?id=45585&rub_id=17 ). Tatar dramatic theater, named after Faizi, is the only regional Tatar dramatic theater outside Tatarstan republic. The museum of M. Dzhalil was opened in the village of Mustafino in Sharlyksky district. On Orenburg Tatar center Tugan Tel initiative with the participation and assistant of Orenburg and Kazan Administrations, the monument of M. Dzhalil was erected in Orenburg. (www.orb.ru/Socios/Ethnopan/etp1-2.htm#etp1-2-amelin ).