Orenburg region

Regional authorities policy and priorities


National minorities languages education. In 2001, in region there were more than 200 educational establishments with ethnic cultural component, including 144 comprehensive schools, where the native language is studied as a subject (the Tatar language 78 schools, the Bashkir language 42 schools, the Mordovian language 4 schools, the Kazakh language 1 school, the Chuvash language 2 schools), 36 pre-school establishment; 172 elective courses (Tatar, Kazakh, Bashkir, Polish, German, Chuvash, Mordovian), 176 study groups Tatar, Bashkir, Kazakh, Mordovian, Chuvash (http://%20nsn.net.ru/?id=2761&ch=5&sub=22 ).

At the same time, there are some contradictions, concerning the problems of minorities educational system formation, national minorities schools and training the native language teachers, between the leaders of ethnic and cultural centres and education managing bodies of different levels. (www.orb.ru/Socios/Ethnopan/etp1-1.htm#etp1-1-uzbekov).

Although, some representatives of the Tatar ethnicand cultural centers raise the question regarding the establishment of native language schools, the majority of the Tatar population and ethnically mixed families doesnt support such a project. (V.Amelin. Intercultural interaction in terms of poliethnical region (an example of the Russians and the Tatars in Orenburg region) // Ethnopanorama, 1999, N1).