Astrakhan region

National minorities’ communities. Cultural autonomies and NGO

20 national – cultural societies function in the region.

There are regional and district Kazakh culture and language societies “Zholdaslyk”, Astrakhan regional public organizations “Kazakh ethnic center”, Astrakhan regional public Fund, named after Kurmangazy, etc.

The most numerous German organization is Astrakhan regional German national cultural autonomy “Einheit” (“Unity”), There registered 6 German public organizations and 2 religious communities in the region.

The Ukrainian Diaspora – the forth in number – has created the society “Berkut” (“Golden Eagle”).

The Kalmyk community – the fifth in number – has organized the regional cultural society “Halmg”.

The most numerous Chechen organizations are the society “Vainakh”.

There are also Chechen cultural centers in the region. Chechen Diaspora takes the sixth place in number. (http: //

The Daghestan Diaspora is united by the society “Barakat”; the Armenian Diaspora has created the society the Armenian culture Society “Arev”. The Jewish community has organized the society “ Thiya”; The Uzbek Diaspora is united by the society “Uzbekistan”.

The Korea and Gypsy societies were officially registered in the region. There are Astrakhan regional public organization of Greek culture, named after Varvatsy and other national – cultural centers and formation.