Astrakhan region

Structural guiding the national minorities

The Department on guiding the public and politic formations and national cultural societies, subjected to the Regional Administration is of great importance in realizing the state authorities’ ethnic policy. The Department operates on the bases of the Regulations, approved by the Administration Head Resolution of 26/03/2001 ¹ 154. There is an Interethnic relation’s subdivision.

According to the Regulations, the main task of the department includes developing economic and social peoples’ revival programs, analyzing the interethnic relations and organizing practical activity in interethnic relation’s regulation.

This work is carried out in conjunction with the local authority bodies (p.2 of the Regulations).

In fact the ethic policy is conducted by other administrative subdivisions. The Cultural and Movie department renders assistance to the cultural development of peoples, residing in the region, national cultural societies and autonomies (p 2,3.25 of the Appendix to the Regional Administration Head Resolution of 18/05/1999 ¹ 185).

The Department in question is a state order- maker of the regional special program “ The Development of Culture and cherishing the cultural heritage in Astrakhan region for 2001 – 2004”.

The Comprehensive and Professional Education Department plays an important role in ethnic policy realization. The Department functions taking into account the ethnic and regional peculiarities (sp. 2.5, 3.1 of the Appendix to the Regional Administration Head Resolution of 29/03/2001 ¹ 167).

The Department is a state order -maker of the regional special program “The formation of the tolerant consciousness and extremism prevention in Astrakhan region (2002 – 2005). The Department coordinates the professional education system improvement in Astrakhan region either.

Side by side, the Committee on the problems of a family, childhood and youth conducts ethnic policy in the region.

The social policy commission, subjected to the Astrakhan City Council is competent in solving ethnic relations’ problems.