Astrakhan region

Legal regulation of national minorities’ status

The regional Regulations have the norm, stating that the administrative – territorial division of Astrakhan region is based on “…creating the conditions for the protection of national minorities’ interests in the places of their residence”.

The Astrakhan region legislation repeats some federal legislative norms, regulating the national minorities’ rights, excepting the laws, regulating the financial principles of national minorities’ formation activities.

The national and cultural societies have rental privileges for leasing the unlived premises, being state property (Astrakhan region Law of 01.02.1999 N3/99-RL). These societies were exempted from rent taxes before adopting the Law given. The ethnic societies have the lower profit tax rate in budget allocation provided the profit is used for the regulations activity (Astrakhan region Law of 26.11.2001 N61/2001 – RL, ar.1, p.1) In the previous law wording, these societies were exempted from the taxes in question.

According to the regional Law “On the local referendum in Astrakhan region of 07.04.2000 N16/2000 – RL”, the voting papers are printed in Russian (Ar.39, p.7). Using the national minorities’ languages in their residences is not regulated by the regional legislation.

The Administration Head Resolutions legalize the majority of the enactments, regulating the national minorities’ rights. The basic resolutions are: ‘On the educational program in Astrakhan region for 1999-2005’ of 04.11.1999 N402; ‘On the specialized education condition and development prospects in Astrakhan region’ of 25.01.2000 N24; ‘On the regional special program “The development and cherishing the cultural heritage in Astrakhan region for 2000-2004” of 23.04.2001 N218; ‘On the Regional Special program “ The creation of tolerant consciousness and extremism prevention in Astrakhan region (2002-2005)” of 11.02.2002 N45.

The regional enactment allows using the national languages in names of the regional state unitary enterprises (The Administration Head Resolution of 01.06.2001 N289)

The Administration Head Resolutions officially register the establishment of the executive authority subdivisions, which guide the national minorities’ rights guarantees as well as the consultative bodies, subjected to the Governor (see the appropriate Unit).

Some measures on financial and organizational national societies and confessions support are legalized by Administration head Resolutions (for ex, the Resolutions: On financial support of the regional German history and culture society “Hoffnung” (Hope) of 09/12/1996 ¹ 2438-R; On financial support of the Moslem Spiritual Administration ¹ 2224-R, of 11/11/1996; On financial allocation for the Kalmyk regional cultural society “Halmg” ¹ 1640-R of 27/08/1996; On suspension extra charging interests on loan capital , lent within 1993 – 1996, of 13/07/2001 ¹ 794-R.