Astrakhan region

Regional authorities policy and priorities

National minorities’ culture. The scientific conferences, seminars, disputes, regional and district amateur arts festivals, national culture days are held in the region. The anniversaries of Abay Kunanbaev’s 150th birthday and 100th birthday of Kazakh writer Mukhtar Auezov were publicly celebrated.

The days of the Kalmyk culture devoted to Aleksey Balakaev’s creative work took place in the region. The Djanibecov’s readings to honor the first Nogay educator A. Djanibecov as well as the festivals of Tatar culture in honor the poet Gaziza Samitova, etc are regularly carried out. ( The Tatar Theater also works in the region.

One of the targets of the Regional Special program “The development and cherishing the cultural heritage in Astrakhan region for 2000-2004” is national culture cooperation.

The program envisages the establishment of ethnographic museum, conducting the number of cultural arrangements: for ex., the traditional national holidays (Kalmyk “Tsagan-Sar”, Turk peoples “Navruz”, Tatar “Sabantuy”, Jewish “Pirum” and “Hanuki”), the regional festival of children’s national art and the competition of native languages pop-singers, the regional conference “The national cultures development and interaction as a factor of interethnic relations stability in polyethnic region”.

There is a program to carry out the Days of Regional Culture in republics of Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Daghestan, Kalmyk, Kabardin- Balkar, in Saratov and Volgograd regions, in Moscow and Saint Petersburg; and to support national- cultural centers and autonomies activity.