Astrakhan region

Regional authorities policy and priorities

The priorities and the principal policy orientations with respect to national minorities. According to the Administration, staking on the priority branches development (extraction and possessing hydrocarbons, transbordering collaboration, and shipbuilding), the development of the frontier region, which is traditionally the Russian advanced post in the Caspian region, depends on the home stability. The historic, cultural and religious peculiarities of the region determine the local authority policy regarding the interethnic relations.

The principal trends of the ethnic policy in the region are:

The essential trends of national minorities’ policy are:

The first trend has been realized since 1999, the Program of Education development for 1999-2005 being adopted. The following year the Measures concerning the perfection of the professional training in Astrakhan region were approved. The Measures envisaged the conduction of the sociologic investigations, the establishment of the specific courses on the interethnic relations’ history in higher educational institutions and technical secondary schools, the establishment of the conflictological center. The approval of the Regional Special program “ The creation of tolerant consciousness and extremism prevention in Astrakhan region (2002-2005)” was a logical development of the trend in question. The financing of the Program totals 3780,0 thousand roubles from the regional budget, including 969 thousand roubles in 2002 (Appendix 2 to the Program).

The rest essential trends of the national minorities’ policy are realized within the framework of the Regional Special program “The development and cherishing the cultural heritage in Astrakhan region for 2000-2004”. Besides, the Program includes the special unit “The cultural basis of federalism, regional and ethnic policy.”

The financing of the ethnic policy in the region is based on the unit given. The principal budget recipients are the national- cultural centers –1300 thousand roubles within 2001-2004, including 300 – in 2002; the regional ethnic festival occasions of Turks, Tatars, Kalmyks, and Jews- 1060 thousand roubles within 2001-2004, that is 80 % the regional budget. A participation in various festivals, public showings, competitions makes up 800 thousand roubles, publishing activity – 600 thousand roubles (Unit 5).